Transportation Matrix

Transportation Matrix


Standard operating procedure

Electronic booking


Booking via Cargo Online from client to WWPL


  • Electronic booking will be received
    by WWPL.

Checking & Organisation


Checking and Organisation of shipment by WWPL in House


  • Choose of packaging.
  • Complete Export/Import Documenta2on will be prepared by WWPL.
  • Request of OK to forward at Destinations.
  • DGR/ADR complete documentation will be prepared by WWPL in House.

Confirming & Shipping


Status Confirmed + ETA Info via Cargo Onl. To client Contact Person


  • Aier receipt of OK to forward from destination-partner the order will be confirmed with scheduled delivery time.
  • The goods will be packed and shipped by WWPL.



Active Reporting at any changes of ETA via Cargo Online to client


  • Internal control of any change of status by WWPL.
  • Departure and storage recondi2oning of boxes.
  • Customs clearance.

Delivery report


Status Delivered including temperature report via Cargo Online to Client


  • Electronic POD and temperature report by WWPL if possible the day of delivery.